Truly Asset Management does not provide financial advice. They specialise in the provision of dynamic investment solutions which includes socially responsible portfolios (ESG) and portfolios that are Shariah-Compliant.

Available exclusively by recommendations given to investors from Financial Conduct Authority regulated Independent Financial Advisers of national IFA, Truly Independent Ltd.

Part of the attraction of Truly Asset Management is the use of a very low cost investment platform called LUCI, which provide investors with direct access to fund and portfolio valuations through the website’s login portal.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It’s an old adage but never truer when it comes to investment. Truly Asset Management believe that the key to financial growth and success is spreading investments across different asset classes, global regions and types of investment.

We invest in cash, equities, bonds and alternatives via active, passive and exchange-traded funds. The latter (passive and exchange-traded funds) tend to be our preferred instruments due to their low cost/high liquidity nature. This gives clients greater flexibility to draw on their investment when they should need it.

Several heads are better than one

Our team has more than 60 years’ combined experience and access to the full investment market. Our portfolios are not managed by individuals. Instead, we believe in a disciplined team approach, where knowledge and expertise are shared between professionals to produce a more beneficial outcome.

Our investment committee is made up of talented and experienced investment practitioners, with a wealth of experience in the industry. They meet regularly to evidence and record each investment decision. It is also their responsibility to undertake due diligence on all investment instruments to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and meet regulatory requirements.

Each member of the committee abides by the FCA’s general principles for approved persons’ guidelines which dictate that they remain open-minded and open to compromise; are prepared to challenge each other’s decisions; carefully consider investment horizons; carry out relevant levels of research and, above all, act in the best interest of the client at all times.